Welcome to the temple beautiful!

This space was designed to inspire devotion through the use of sacred geometry in sound and architecture. With a little perseverance we hope this wisdom will start resonating within you. As a place of online retreat we invite you to dip into this temenos more than once.

temenos is a holy sanctuary. Delphi was known as one just like the temples in Egypt before it. The word derives from the Greek verb témnō meaning “to cut”. While these holy precincts were “cut off” from common usage there was in fact an esoteric meaning—the holy ratio of √2 comes from the way nested squares “cut” each other at their midpoints:


The psychiatrist Carl Jung realised that a “magic circle” and a “holy square” were simply different expressions of the same waveform. He described it as a symmetrical rose garden with a fountain in the middle. This “squared circle” was a place where sacred themes could be brought into the light of consciousness. Within this magic point the initiate could meet their own shadow, the animus/anima and finally the Self—names that Jung gave to the immortal, androgynous archetypes that nurture human civilisation:

The beings found in this spiritual world transmit profound love. They hope that we can overcome the savagery that we confuse with modern human civilization. They are present as the source of truth and await our rebirth. Once celebrated in the temene of Egypt these beings eternally dance in the “sacred wombs” of the cosmos.

In conventional western theology an attempt is made to know God by thought; to make statements about divinity. In esoterism this effort is abandoned and replaced by a union with God directly. As a species we must realise that our hearts are our most significant organs and that they alone hint at the path to enlightenment.

In today’s western culture the eye has replaced the ear as the favoured sense organ. We are now more a visual culture and less an auditory one. In this shift, something vital was lost: for while the eye objectifies our world as something outside us, the ear embraces our environment within us. When we take a picture we merely capture an image; when we hear music we take in its essence and make it part of ourselves. This sound alignment is infinite whereas our sight is finite.

This shift away from a LUNAR towards a SOLAR civilisation meant that we forgot the intuitive and embraced the rational—we went from an oral to a written culture. Most of the drama on this planet is a result of humanity being out of balance.

Above: the universal method of communication favoured by Thoth.

The star tetrahedron or Sri Yantra has been known since ancient times as the Merkaba, the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with higher realms. All advanced races use this harmonic to communicate between dimensions. As the Star of David it speaks to the inseparable relationship between complementary halves—the positive and the negative, the manifest and the unmanifest and the light and the darkness. This balance is reflected in the human heart.

The Latin word renascentia means “rebirth”. As a first declension noun it is the mother of the French word renaissance. The narrative within this blog then, invites you to be reborn as God.

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