Hathor is the goddess who personifies motherhood, fertility and abundance.

She embodies the bounty of the Earth and is sometimes called Mother Earth or Earth Mother. Her “cow” ears are a major indicator that she is concerned with SOUND. Hathor’s likeness is best preserved in Egypt. Her face is symbolic of a womb, with her ears depicted at the level that fallopian tubes enter the uterus. A cervix and vagina are implied beneath her chin. Can you see these above and below?


Hathor is the oldest Egyptian deity depicted in ancient reliefs. She was worshipped at Denderah, a temple isolated at the edge of the desert along the banks of the Nile. Although the temple was built in the first century BC the site has been sacred to Hathor for over ten thousand years.

But Denderah was more than a temple: it was a place to be nourished in body and soul. As a centre for healing and learning it housed a papyrus library, a birthing chapel, a sanatorium and a sacred well. At one time harps, lyres, flutes, pan pipes, drums and rattles sounded within. As the archetype of fertility, sexual ecstacy and bliss, Hathor taught the use of sacred dance and music to create healing wave forms. Please click here for more.

Denderah faces the rising of the star Sirius. After 70 days below the horizon this star would reappear at dawn upon the summer solstice. Typically this was the time when the Nile began to flood, depositing new layers of its rich mud upon the banks of the Nile. This heralded the greening of the desert and so became symbolic of rebirth. Hathor then, is also associated with the first day of the new year.

The musical instrument associated with Hathor is the sistrum. It resembles the ankh, the symbol of immortality. It was used as an ascension tool, and the vibrations it produces assist with the rising of energies within an initiate’s body. Sistrums give off significant levels of ultrasound—a beneficial high frequency sound beyond the range of human hearing.

Hathor reminds us that music predated language—that sound is the primordial basis of creation. She sees humans as standing wave patterns of energy; as a complex series of harmonics. From her perspective, our auras emit sound which corresponds to the wavelength of different organs. If there is a block, Hathor can see this and produce a sound frequency that can move it. When it begins to move, the subject may experience emotions, memories and feelings they have repressed for their entire life. The result is that the subject experiences powerful changes emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The emotional vibratory field called LOVE sets up a resonance that positively affects the human DNA, making it stronger and helping it process wisdom more precisely. Naturally, the more this emotion is experienced, the more the total self benefits. Allowing the energy of unconditional acceptance to move through the emotional body activates a process of profound healing and balance.

One Christian legend states that Mary conceived Jesus with her ears. Why through her ears? Because they are the purest of our sense organs and they connect us with primal sound. But there is another meaning here that points to the fallopian tubes as ears—the resonant organs of life.


When the Coptic Christians arrived in Egypt they defaced many figures of Hathor, labelling them blasphemous. Like the Romans before them, the early Christians did not understand how sexuality, ecstacy and bliss were vital parts of Earth’s creative force.

Hathor is also aligned with thunder, lightning and wind. Storms generate infrasonic waves which serve to “charge” sonic temples beneath them. When we feel the atmosphere electrify with Hathor’s presence then we know she is at hand.