The Riddle of the Sphinx

The author has a feature motion picture script for sale.

The Riddle of the Sphinx is a smart, intriguing action story with a metaphysical crosscurrent. It is also a modern tale about eternal life, love and war set in Europe and the Middle East. This modern commentary also reflects on the ancient battles about faith, freedom and family.

This adventure story attracts an R rating skewed to young males. While the tone is serious at times there is regular humour in the narrative. While there are two sex scenes these can be shot without the need for high exposure. The title role is best suited to a young action star.

The premise for the script combines the contemporary elements of religious intolerance and Islamic terrorism with old stories from Christianity and ancient Egypt. These thematic elements have traditionally drawn strong emotions from audiences and could draw a lot of attention to this film.

The script plays on two levels: the exterior game of arms dealing disguising the more sinister power play of religious control. The hero represents spirituality and the resolution of the opposites that ultimately leads to immortality.

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