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Here is the synopsis:

A young man on tour in Italy finds himself embroiled in strife between his father and his uncle. Both are fighting over a mysterious agent called The Red Lion capable of transforming men into gods. After discovering a secret supply our hero must write a new chapter on an ancient religious narrative.

A God Among Us is an intriguing film about a man who becomes a god. This story has the potential to captivate the same audiences who like adventures with spiritual twists. This remains an action film however and viewers will enjoy a ride through modern day Scotland, Italy and Egypt.

The premise for the script combines the modern elements of religious intolerance and Islamic terrorism with old stories from Christianity and ancient Egypt. These thematic elements have traditionally drawn strong emotions from audiences and could draw a lot of attention to this film.

A rugby player called David travels to Rome for an end of season tour. His estranged father Giovanni is a Catholic cardinal. As a recent contender for the Papacy however, Giovanni can’t afford any secret children turning up.

A threat is made on David’s life and he is rescued by a mysterious uncle called Godfroi. Godfroi is an arms dealer with a dark past. Pursued by religious forces they flee to Egypt together. There he meets Maria, whom he slowly falls in love with. She reveals more of the ancient landscape he has stumbled into.

For Godfroi is also an archeologist and one of his dig sites has yielded The Red Lion (The Philosopher’s Stone), a substance that David accidentally eats. This causes him to align with spiritual powers over which he has little control.

Eventually David must return to Rome and confront his father, Giovanni. Their battle plays out just as a new Pope is decided. David must fight external enemies close to his family and battle internal challenges as his ego dissolves.

The script plays on two levels: the exterior game of arms dealing disguising the more sinister power play of religious control. For David must ultimately triumph over himself and align with divine powers that ultimately serve us all.

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