Number symbolism

Spacetime is governed by the lotus.


Numerology is the study of numbers and the occult manner in which they reflect divine vibrations. The secret powers that numbers hold are eternal, though their significance is periodically lost. The definitions below may be used as starting points:


This number represents the inverted octahedron emerging from spirit into the mundane world. Infinity belongs at the start of the number chain, not at the end. In fact, the alphabet and numbers are based on patterns which are clearly visible as octahedral energy rotates across the surface of a torus.


It is the first number. It is genesis, the circle, the sphere.


This number represents duality, differentiation. Light separating from the darkness, the yin and yang, the two poles. It is also associated with the binary system and mitosis.


This number can be symbolized by the equilateral triangle. It represents the holy trinity. The three that are one.


This number represents stability, the base of a pyramid, ground or earth. It can also mean foundation, order. Things related to stability like points of the compass, the seasons and the elements: air, fire, water and earth.


This is the number of man, of biological phenomena. It is represented by the pentagram and also appears everywhere in plant life.


This number has a connection to the Flower of Life and the six directions. It is the number of points of a water molecule.


This number is related to the measurement of time: when Sirius rises above the Sun at an altitude of seven degrees it can be seen. The seventh circle is also the centre of the Flower of Life, a place of no dimension, the M point. As God emerges from no time, we have the seven days of creation. Seven is actually a feminine number associated with Seshat. Click here to explore further.


This number has connections with time and infinity, but it is also a power number, meaning wealth and success on Earth: $ comes from S, meaning 8. It is also a symbol of the inverted octahedron creating form from spirit.


This number is the embodiment of the Fibonacci spiral and can be described as the number that always returns to itself. Multiples of this number like 81, 126 and 1,242 can have their digits summed to verify this reduction. Nine guards exist on each level of local creation and recapitulate themselves as nine energy principals. The nine principals of our spacial parameters are: synergy, spiral, vibration, energy force, explosion, frequency, entropy control, implosion and patterning. Into these nine parameters comes The Word as the 10th principle with light and love to conquer limited spacial dimensionality. Nine can also be called God’s number and represents form from the void. Click here for more.


Base 10 has been adopted by humanity as our counting cycle. With ten fingers and toes it is easy to see why. It represents completion or the number cycle restarting. Ten is related to earth and all observable phenomena.

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