The Eye of the I

The Great Pyramid is an eye.

Pyramids have no internal moving parts yet use external moving bodies for their power. They are at once simpler and more complex than the human mind can deal with: they were designed by a consciousness that was aware of the blueprint of our solar system but also of Sirius. As such pyramids are harmonic structures. Their antiquity is astonishing but without them there would be no higher life on this planet.

The King’s Chamber remains protected to this day by the ignorance of modern man. In fact the true nature of the culmination ritual has been obsurced to the point of extinction. But in modern language you might say that the granite coffer was the ultimate sensory deprivation tank with an external volume precisely double its internal one. Indeed, once upon a time initiates would be suspended in salt water within it. Much like a modern isolation chamber the perceptual null zone allowed the initiate to connect energetically with realms far distant from Earth. This DEATH & REBIRTHING of a candidate akin to a baby in the womb was the fundamental process that connected spacetime priests with the awesome wisdom of the stars. This process has been hinted at by Hollywood, most notably in The Matrix.

The word sarcophagus comes from the Greek sarkophagus meaning “flesh-eating”. While there are references here to corpses and nested coffins there is in fact a more esoteric meaning: a salt bath. In modern times Epsom salts are used to give buoyancy to the body in flotation therapy and to boost magnesium levels. So while sarcophagi are today linked with death, there is a life giving dimension to them that has long been forgotten. Today the sarcophagus is offline, meaning it needs to be rotated 90° and moved back into the centre of the standing wave the room creates in order to function again.

The Royal Ritual was a three-day ordeal. The use of super-dense salt water allowed the initiate’s body to float upon it. This frees the mouth to breathe while the ears are submerged. As the candidate loses sensory connection to his body, his awareness starts to move within and beyond it. Eventually his spirit wanders the hallways of eternity—his KA flies through the spiritual spheres of space. His body becomes a house that he can slip out of and return to without death—he becomes immortal. After his trip to the world of darkness, this “stepping through” experience is where the glorious beauty and ecstasy of the heavens are revealed.

The spacetime priestess is the waterbearer (Aquarius) who understands the true nature of the waters of life which she pours out. This is indeed the deeper meaning behind the “baptism” process. Further references to a “burial in a tomb for three days,” the “descent into hell” followed by the “resurrection” and the “stone being rolled away” are not Christian references at all—they were taken from the Egyptian mysteries. In fact the expression “being nailed to a cross” also has an esoteric meaning: it refers to the spirit being attached to the body. Ascension then, is the process of freeing these bonds and becoming God while the body still lives.

Anyone being baptised was said to be regenerated. The water itself was holy and the place was known as the holy bath. Frankincense and myrrh (and their essential oils) were also used as bath salts and promoted skin health, mental clarity and esoteric awareness. The process was also described as being “brought anew into the world”. There is also a strong Anubis connection with this process: in the Pyramid Texts we find much discussion of the “purifying lake” which is that of the jackal. Click here for more.

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