The Hathors

The Hathors are a race who have greatly benefited mankind over the millenia. While their likeness is best preserved in modern Egypt, they also have significant legacies in Tibet and the Americas. Although their faces look similar to ours, their ears are a major indicator that they originate elsewhere in the cosmos.

Hathors are always present to help the sincere initiate. While Sirian energy may be broadly described as male, the Hathor contribution is aligned with female energy. If the Sirians are our fathers, then the Hathors are our mothers.

Hathors are masters of vibration and remain adept at using sound for ascension purposes. As the holder of the archetype of fertility, sexual ecstacy and bliss, Hathors teach the use of sacred dance and music to create healing wave forms.

The musical instrument associated with Hathor is called the sistrum. It resembles the ankh, the symbol of immortality. It was used as an ascension tool, and the vibrations it produces assist with the rising of energies within an initiate’s body.

The Hathors have always taught that sound is the primordial basis of creation. They see humans as standing wave patterns of energy; as a complex series of harmonics. From their perspective, our auras emit sound which corresponds to the wavelength of different organs. If there is a block, the Hathors can see this and produce a sound frequency that can move it. When it begins to move, the subject may experience emotions, memories and feelings they have repressed for their entire life. The result is that the subject experiences powerful changes emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The emotional vibratory field called LOVE sets up an inter-cellular resonance that positively affects the human DNA, making it stronger and helping it code information more precisely. Naturally, the more this emotion is experienced, the more the total self benefits. Allowing the energy of unconditional acceptance to move through the emotional body activates a process of profound healing and balance.

When the Coptic Christians arrived in Egypt, they defaced many figures of Hathor, labelling them blasphemous. Like the Romans before them, the early Christians did not understand how sexuality, ecstacy and bliss were vital parts of the creative force.