The Royal Cubit

The Royal Cubit is a solar unit of measure. Its hieroglyph looks like this:


While history tells us that this measurement comes from the Latin cubitum or “elbow,” in reality the truth is more esoteric. Hieroglyphs aren’t meant to be understood the way we read modern language. In fact, each “sacred carving” conveys a wealth of information. In this case meh niswt refers to the divine ratio contained within the human forearm.


You may notice the similarity between the measuring cord that Seshat holds above with the hieroglyph at top. To the ancient Egyptians the Stretching of the Cord ritual was born during the Old Kingdom. This was the archaic time of Djoser, Imhotep, Snefru, Amenhotep and Kanofer. The ceremony itself was intimately connected with Seshat and dealt with the dimensions and orientations of sacred temples.


The second symbol refers to the vibration of the Sun. In fact the wave above looks like the Uraeus and reminds us that the wavelength of a sphere is equal to its circumference.

The final symbol of the human arm refers to the ratio of the hand to the forearm (A:B above). This symbol appeared everywhere in ancient Egypt and was expressed as 1:√2. Implicitly it also conveys the side/diagonal ratio of a square:

So we have three powerful ideas here that we must now somehow reconcile with a sacred measurement. As an actual length is must be based on real world phenomena. The title “Royal” gives us a clue here because it refers to the Sun. Due to the cubit’s use in many Egyptian temples we can infer that it had profound significance for the architects that used it:

A harmonic ratio refers to a circle and square that are expressed in terms of each other. When a circle’s circumference equals a square’s perimeter then the feminine and the masculine are one. This is an ancient expression of life and goes back beyond written record. Specifically, it underpins a sacred science that is only now blossoming on Earth again.

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