The winged disc

The winged disc is symbolic of divinity, royalty and power.

Winged disc

It represents the inward journey towards the divine, the purification of our natures and a final union with the One. The origins of this symbol are lost to time, however it remains one of the most frequently used designs in the history of mankind. Even today this image inspires corporate logos around the world:

Car logos

In the original version, the central theme featured a winged circle flanked on either side with a uraeus:

Disc symbol

The snakes do not really represent serpents but instead infrasonic sound waves. Another way to draw this is a domed, volumetric infrasound receiver:

Vertical disc

We are reminded of birds here again because their beaks and skulls are in fact infrasound receivers. This allows them to navigate over long distances, at night or with their eyes closed.


So infrasound describes the resonance that rises up the granite antennas (beaks) and then creates a standing wave within the circle (skulls). The wings represent the ability to fly out of your body—to resonate with the universe and become one with all creation. Small wonder then that this symbol (detail below) was found on the capstone of the pyramid of Amenemhat III:

“Get a winged disc for your wall!”