Tools of ascension

What is the definition of an enlightened person? One might say that they see all and know all. By virtue of this fact, they are fit to rule. By fit, we mean that their will is perfectly aligned with the creator. They are therefore able to lead and to make decisions that will affect others.

In the hands above are ascension instruments—they are key components in the enlightenment process. In the left hand is a notched hook. In the right hand are golden chimes. The hook and chimes are one half of what’s required to vibrate someone into the next world.

The other half consists of the rod and ankh, which are pictured below held by Horus. Notice that he holds the rod with the head away from him, and the ankh by the loop.

The process begins with the initiate putting the hook around their own neck. Next, the rod (carried in Horus’s left hand) is hooked onto this from behind. The head of this rod fits snugly into the nape of the neck. (You may notice that the bottom end of the rod is forked, which represents the tails of the two serpents.) Now we have a long caduceun rod held against the nape via a hook.

Next, the initiate will throw the chimes over their other shoulder in a way that allows them to tinkle against the rod. The candidate is now ready for the initiation:

Holding the loop of the ankh and using the stem to strike the rod, Horus creates a most haunting sound with the chimes. It is the loop of the ankh that insulates the person using it, and allows the straight end to vibrate for much longer. When the divine vibration is reached, the etheric serpents twist together as they move up the rod and through the higher chakras. This represents transcending the yin and yang of duality and radiating into the oneness of all being.


You may notice the serpent and vulture on the initiate’s forehead representing life and death. Whenever you see these symbols the artist is conveying the subject’s omniscience. This ecstatic experience also includes sexual arousal—it feels like an orgasm as you burst through into the higher realms.

There is a secondary device which can apply resonance to the rod. It works like a capacitor and is used for storing energy. It looks like this:

These are the tools of ascension as pictured below. Simple terms are clear, but you may prefer to call a rod a lightsabre, because that is precisely what it is. The tools are carried by Anubis, a guardian whom all initiates must pass during this process. The man with a jackel’s head is not an artistic interpretation—it is based precisely on an archetype.


The full moon is associated with Anubis because it looks like a jackal’s eye at night. As an eye, the moon is really our muscial return: the eighth note of our divine purple chakra. All initiates must align with this field sympathetically before other fields can be accessed.

Anubis also represents the hounds of the barrier who move only through angles. They wait to devour initiates who do not travel wisely when they leave their bodies. This means that souls must travel using fibonacci curves and not golden mean angles. Thoth warns:

And if while free from thy body,
though hearest the sound like the bay of a hound
ringing clear and bell-like through thy being,
flee back to thy body through circles,
penetrate not the mist before.