Make a Wish

A wishing well is a place of spirits.

The term originally came from European folklore that spoke of water sources carrying nature spirits. Many thought that underground rivers represented the veins of the Earth. Water was widely acknowledged as the source of life.

Our ancestors considered springs and wells to be sacred places. Water was seen to have healing powers and wells became popular with many people drinking the water, bathing in it or simply making a wish. Some believed that the guardians of the well would grant them a request if they dropped in a coin.

That is what you are going to do if you want the ultimate truth: by clicking on the well above and dropping in an kilo of silver then you may receive the guidance you seek. The Dark Path to Enlightenment is a story about finding balance again.

By sensing the disturbing depths of your reflection for the first time, you may realise that the pathway to the light starts with a journey into the darkness.